Starting Internet Marketing: Choose Your Weapon

It’s probably the biggest understatement in the world to say there’s already a lot of Internet Marketing (IM) information on the web. Every man and his dog is promoting failsafe methods to generate crazy amounts of cash on the Internet. Let me tell you – 95% of that is pure marketing – it’s going full […]

Affiliate Marketers Need Sunshine

A little health tip today. This one is aimed at affiliate marketers, as they are prime candidates for being chained to a desk (yes, that affiliate pimp lifestyle is irregular at best), working mostly at night, and generally staying in doors. Although, really, this applies to all office workers, especially those who live farther distances […]

Cloaking a Wordpress Post Based on the Referrer

Cloaking a WordPress Post Based on the Referrer

The Scenario We want to change the content of a post based on the referring URL. Why would we want to do this? Well, in an affiliate marketing context, we may want to display a certain offer based on where the reader came from. e.g. We have a review blog with 10 informative articles and […]